For a sustainable future

Solum Ltd. owns a group of companies involved in green energy production, recycling and recovery.

The company was founded by the Danish entrepreneur Christian B. S. Christensen in 1986.


Aikan Ltd.

Develops and markets the Aikan technology – a fully integrated enclosed system for biogas and compost production.

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Solum Roskilde Ltd.

Owns the largest centre for recycling of dry mixed waste and

composting of greenwaste in Denmark.

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BioVækst Ltd.

Owns an Aikan plant in Denmark that produces biogas and compost based on organic waste.

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Board of Directors

Lars Pries Stoltze (Chairman)

Bjørn Halvor Kise

Christian Bøggild Smed Christensen (Founder)

Otto Tyge Krabbe

CEO: Christian Bøggild Smed Christensen


Solum Gruppen

Vadsbystræde 6    DK-2640 Hedehusene    Denmark

Tel. +45 43 99 50 20


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